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The Basics of Oil Change Services in Kendall, FL

The right oil change can help your car last longer, perform better, and have better all-around better health. With the right oil change your car can last for years and thousands of miles. We can perform an oil change on ALL makes & models near Homestead, Pinecrest, and Miami, FL.


Oil Change Types

There are tons of different oil change types out there that you can choose from based on how you drive and what type of car you have.

Fully Synthetic

Fully synthetic oil changes are meant for those that drive a great deal, that might have a car that uses oil quickly or that is stored in extreme heat or extreme cold.


There is a semi-synthetic oil change that uses semi-synthetic oil. This type of oil change is better for those that drive further distances and that might want an oil change that is going to last longer.


Conventional oil changes are those that use natural oil. This type of oil change is best for those that drive normal distances and in normal circumstances.


You can also get diesel oil changes that are designed specifically for diesel engines.


How Often Do You Need An Oil Change?

In general, it is suggested that for a conventional oil change you would get one either every 3,000 miles or every three months, whichever you reach first. For those that get a semi-synthetic change, you can often go for either 5,000 miles or 5 months. With a fully synthetic oil change, you can go a bit longer but you should consult your oil change technicians. Diesel changes are going to be based again on mileage and on the time frame. Oil changes are one of the most important basic maintenance services that you can have done for your car to keep it working well and to make sure that it continues to function properly. Keeping up with routine oil changes helps to keep the engine lubricated so that things do not lock up and ultimately get damaged.

Why Choose HGreg Nissan Kendall?

HGreg Nissan Kendall has a great service center that is going to be able to get your car in and out quickly as they do have a dedicated express bay for services such as oil changes. The team of highly trained technicians can help you get your car in and out quickly and can help you to determine what type of oil change is going to work best for your car.
For those that want to make sure their car is performing well, that want to make sure that the right oil change is done each time, and that your car is going to keep running, HGreg Nissan Kendall is a great option for all your oil change needs.

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