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Nissan Wheel Alignments in Southern Florida

Located in Kendall, Florida, our dealership services vehicles from Miami to Homestead, FL. Our certified technicians make sure to provide reliable and efficient services to our customers’ vehicles so that our customers can remain safe on the road. We provide routine Nissan wheel alignment services to our many customers in the area. Wheel alignments help our customers to travel safely while saving them money as well. There are a variety of reasons why you should bring your vehicle in for a wheel alignment and we can complete service on ALL makes & models.


Wheel Alignment Types

Two-Wheel Alignment

On a two-wheel alignment service, we perform an alignment on either the front or the rear wheels only.

Four-Wheel Alignment

Our four-wheel alignment service performs a wheel alignment service on all wheels on the vehicles.

Wheel Alignment Services We Offer

A wheel alignment will keep your vehicle’s suspension system in line with its manufacturer’s factory specifications. There are three types of wheel alignments used to adjust the wheels of a vehicle: a two-wheel alignment, a four-wheel alignment, and a thrust alignment. The type of wheel alignment that our technicians will use on your vehicle depends on the type of suspension that your vehicle uses. Two-wheel alignments are primarily done on vehicles that have solid rear axle designs, whereas four-wheel alignments are done on vehicles that either have four-wheel drive systems or independent rear suspensions.


Benefits of Wheel Alignment Service

There are many benefits that you and your vehicle will experience as a result of a proper wheel alignment. Wheel alignments decrease the stresses that your vehicle’s suspension system faces as you continue to drive, reducing the wear on its many components. By properly aligning the wheels of your vehicle, wheel alignments also decrease the tire wear on each of your vehicle’s wheels. Decreasing the suspension and tire wear on your vehicle will allow you to save money on the costs that are associated with each. Additionally, you will feel an improved ride quality in your vehicle after a wheel alignment service.

How Often You Should Align Your Wheels

A wheel alignment inspection will help us determine your vehicle’s condition and whether or not it needs a wheel alignment. Your vehicle’s wheels will gradually go out of alignment as you drive the vehicle; this is normal. To maintain your vehicle and ensure that its wheels stay aligned, manufacturers generally recommend that drivers have wheel alignments done at least once a year. Wheel alignment routines can vary between drivers and vehicles, so to cater to your specific Nissan model’s needs, we recommend that you refer to your vehicle’s owner’s manual.

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Contact us for your next Nissan wheel alignment in Kendall, Florida. Our customer service representatives will be more than happy to provide more information to you about the service or any additional services at our dealership. Feel free to ask us about any of the products that we have to offer at our dealership.

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